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About Us

Shermain Jeremy- \4MomsLiekMe

So much is happening in our world today that simply can no longer be ignored. May it be climate change, global pandemics and inequality, one thing rings true - We as mothers and our children are at risk. So we do what we must to make our voices heard, to protect the ones we love and to ensure that our world becomes a better place.

The 4MomsLikeMe Graphic Tees Collection was designed and created by Shermain Jeremy, an advocate for moms and families and a believer that our role is so much bigger than society dares to admit. Shermain believes that at the very core of our societites and communities is the family, led by mothers (and fathers) who simply want the best for themselves and their children.

The 4MomsLikeMe graphic tees are an extension of us, what we believe in, what we desire and what we deserve. These tees are a reflection of our times and our reality. We want to be seen and we want to be heard. We want the world to know that all #MomsMatter and even more so now in the wake of #BlackLivesMatter that #BlackMomsMatter just as much and can no longer be ignored.